IWONA-B is a business born with heart!

Welcome Fellow Fashionistas...
I am Iwona - founder of IWONA-B, a platform where all fabulous women who love a good bargain, love fashion & shopping & love to empower each other meet to share, buy & sell pre-worn but ‘still loved’ branded fashion affordably!
I am a doting mama to my gorgeous princess (who loves to style me!) & a Queen to my King & I am an entrepreneur with a keen eye for glamorous, simple style & pretty sparkly things!
2020, has been a crazy year & due to the COVID-19 pandemic my team & I lost our jobs & in turn I found my destiny! 
After lots of tears, little sleep and bottles of wine I dug deep, thought hard & decided that the time was now to live my dream, make a difference and do things the "IWONA-B BOLD" way through fashion & connection, giving back,
& starting my business in my backyard - literally!
IWONA-B was born from my passion for fashion & desire to empower women from all walks of life no matter what.
In these challenging times I wanted women to meet, talk, have a glass of bubbles, some fun retail therapy, laughs & make new friends & connections.
I have never been as excited to start anything in my career and am so looking forward to connecting with you on this journey!
I must also add that this is a work in progress for me, it's all so new, so it would be fabulous to receive your feedback,!
Email us on:
social@iwona-b.com or pop into one of our Pop-up shops and check it out.
Happy shopping!

 IWONA-B is born to inspire.

We are a business doing good things, we want to empower and uplift women through the love of fashion! Our platform gives you the opportunity to become a supplier & earn money & you can also buy ‘still loved’ branded garments for a fraction of the price.

We want to change lives by donating a percentage of the sale proceeds towards the purchasing of menstrual cups (for feminine hygiene) for women from disadvantaged communities & let them know they are 'still loved' valued & that their well-being matters to us.

    The concept behind ‘still loved’ fashion translates to our belief that premium pre-worn garments are timeless and will continue to be adorned through IWONA-B just like all women should be!
Voila! There it is, as easy as that & we get to sparkle inside & out with all the feels!
Yours in Fashion Iwona

Coco Chanel said, ‘A girl should be two things …‘classy and fabulous’