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IWONA-B is a pretty pink platform where you can sell, buy and share pre-worn, re-loved, pre-loved & ‘still loved’ branded fashion affordably. 

Our brand was born to inspire, empower and uplift women through the love of fashion & connection!   

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Loving IWONA-B! Not only can you make cash on items that have been sitting in your wardrobe but the awesome quality bargains you can pick up in her shop are amazing.

One thing I’ve learnt is that you need to trust Iwona’s styling tips, almost all of my purchases were ones that I would never have picked for myself but once tried on, fell in love with!


I finally got around to doing a wardrobe clear out after months of thinking about it. I couldn’t decide whether to give it to charity or put it on Trade Me.

But instead I was able to give everything to Iwona, so easy and hassle-free. I’ve since sold many items, getting some unexpected and welcome cash! 

I've also gained a number of beautiful new items too! Some things I may not have chosen for myself, but Iwona has such an eye for style, she’s nailed her recommendations every time! Very happy supplier and customer - thanks so much IWONA-B xx


Picked up some gems at the IWONA-B pop up shop! Great labels for great prices.

The best bit is the styling done by Iwona. 

I have also sold some of my clothes that have sat in my wardrobe for years ...made some money and got some brand new pieces. All in all a great retail experience.


Iwona has the most amazing styling tips, her tips on styling have changed my life for the better, I now get compliments everyday!!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with how to mix and match your outfits & add colour to your world!

She also offers an amazing service where she will go through your wardrobe and style for you, give her a call you will not regret it!


Such a talented funky chick who made me love clothes again! Loved the items she chose and put together for me! Buying preloved clothes is the best thing for our environment and Iwona makes shopping fun!


Amazing range, fit for any occasion. Iwona is a natural stylist and will make you feel beautiful inside and out.

Leigh N