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Iwona-B | Group Styling Workshop

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$595* $75 each redeemable on re-loved fashion 

Re-Loved Fashion 

Carefully chosen, sought after, & ready to be Re-Loved in the homes & wardrobes of conscious, fashionable women like you! 

My Group Styling Workshops are such a fun way to get the girls together for an afternoon of great tips & tricks for your style, plus how to curate your wardrobe & weave ‘re-loved’ fashion into your everyday life. This workshop is a great idea for a birthday party, kitchen tea, ladies day/night outing & get together! Champers & snacks/cupcakes provided, styling tips & a fun 2 hours of shopping & styling in the studio. Maximum 6 people.

My styling sessions are not average.

Your group will step into my ‘re-loved’ studio based in St Heliers & you will feel a rush of excitement at the opportunity of exploring this treasure trove of sustainable, RE-Loved fashion. 

We will first chat through my most vital sustainable styling tips, followed by a quick fire/speed date like styling session with each of you. 

This is your opportunity to get together with a group of friends/co-workers or family & enjoy learning more about what to look for when you are shopping & styling yourself.  This is a great chance to make a plan for your wardrobe, in the company of your nearest & dearest and have a laugh, while finding a new favourite piece from our ‘re-loved’ fashion racks.

About This Session 

My Styling Workshop starts with a quick online ‘get to know you’ questionnaire for each of you, which comes to you via a link in your product download- when you purchase one of these styling sessions. 

From here we make a booking for our group styling workshop at my studio in St Heliers. 

Bring some of your favourite pieces that you need a little help with as well as an open mind and your sense of fun. 

Not only will you walk away with tips and tricks for your personal style, but $75 each of your workshop fee will be redeemed against some sustainable re-loved fashion on the day, from our hand selected collection of re-loved style. 

We will snap some pics of the outfit options, & you will have a clear sense of how you can work re-loved pieces into your wardrobe + every session includes a downloadable guide to sustainable shopping with style, & tips on how and where to donate, recycle and how to store pieces, starting you on your sustainable style journey.